Battle City History

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Codehammer released Battlecity 3.1 and Battlecity DX back in the 90’s. Unfortunately by 1998, Codehammer decided to pull the plug and disappear forever. The current version of Battle City (started in 2003!) is all original work, largely inspired and based upon memories from the classic by Codehammer.

SourceForge Team | Website
Towards the end of 2003, tr4c3r decided to start an open source (GPL) Battle City project on SourceForge. Mark, RizeUp & ReMoTe joined the project to help with programming, Weebo joined to help with design documentation and SeeleJager joined to take care of the website. The project brought Battle City back to life in 2004, but unfortunately stalled before a full multiplayer version was completed.

Codemallet | Website
Codemallet released a full multiplayer version of Battle City on February 21, 2005. Using the SourceForge code as a starting point, ReMoTe managed to complete the game entirely on his own, with help from Weebo in terms of game design and web-hosting. Special thanks to Obiwoz who contributed the games official skin!

Looble… Looble! | Website
In November 2007, Looble acquired full-rights to Battle City. Weebo and Vindkast went to work developing the game for over a year with much help and support from the community. In May 2009, the game was returned to its roots, released once again as open source (GPLv3). Looble ran the Battle City Classic Server from November 2007 to May 2011.

Deceth, self-proclaimed evil overlord | Website
Deceth currently maintains the master source repository and occasionally runs the Battle City Classic Server when a sufficient number of minions sell their souls or show interest.

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