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Quickstart with Drush Make

1. Build the Stack

To setup a local copy of, run the following Drush Make command:

$ drush make

Alternatively, you can clone the github repo

$ git clone git://

then build from the included stub file:

$ drush make

2. Install Drupal using the installation profile

You can install the site in your browser, or via drush

$ drush site-install cf_profile --db-url=mysql://user:pass@localhost/database_name

Note: you may need to manually create sites/default/settings.php with your database credentials to complete the installation process, whichever method you use.



  • User roles: Contributor & Administrator
  • Workflow/Moderation

Getting involved

There are no guidelines or limitations for getting involved, if you have an itch to scratch, scratch it. However, helping out with the current milestone goals will definetely help the most.

How to contribute is also open to interpretation; testing, forking, documenting, etc, are all welcome.

You can choose to fork the repository and send pull requests with your changes or just post links to a patch in the Issue queue.

Nothing is too little.

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