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  1. proto-thrift proto-thrift Public

    Forked from golang/protobuf

    gRPC to Thrift proxy generator

    Go 17 2

  2. synonyms synonyms Public

    A small HTTP service for returning the synonyms for each meaningful word in a sentence using the WordNet 3.1 synset database.

    Go 10 3

  3. vault-maven-plugin vault-maven-plugin Public

    A Maven plugin that extracts secrets from Vault and populate Maven properties.

    Java 7 9

  4. bouncycastle-maven-plugin bouncycastle-maven-plugin Public

    A Maven plugin that utilizes BouncyCastle to sign artifacts.

    Java 6 6

  5. docker-kafka docker-kafka Public

    Kafka in a container ready for OpenShift

    Shell 2 1

  6. homebrew-decipher homebrew-decipher Public

    Homebrew Tap for Decipher Products

    Ruby 1


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