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This is the source for a draft of a website for NHS Ideas Lab

Initial Set-up

  1. Clone repo using git
  2. Ensure you have both Node.js and npm installed with reasonably up-to-date versions
  3. In root directory of repo run npm install to install all the dependencies and node modules.
  4. If you get strange errors during npm install relating to "strict mode" then due to upstream bugs you may need to run npm install node-sass request@2.81.0
  5. Run gulp watch if this doesn't work you may have to run npm i -g gulp-cli


For Development and Testing

From the project root, typing gulp watch will build the app into app/tmp and serve at localhost:3000

For Production

For production build run gulp production-min this will build in to app/dist this can be uploaded manually to some webserver as this project is so small.