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@DeckerSU DeckerSU released this Jan 8, 2020

What's new?

v3.0.1-beta2 (

  • KMD version 0.5.1 (followed beta branch)
  • Updated DNS seeds for better connectivity
  • Extended length of rpc console input text field (in Help -> Debug Window -> Console). This will allow users to deal with really big rpc commands, like sendrawtransaction with many vouts.
  • Updated deps (Boost 1.72, ccache 3.7.4 and others)
  • Fixed CVE-2019-18936 in Univalue
  • CC sources updated (now it's fully synced with KomodoPlatform repo)


  • komodo-qt-linux.tar.gz - static binaries of Komodo-Qt for Linux (should work with any Linux distro with GLIBC version not lower than in Ubuntu 16.04)
  • - static binaries of Komodo-Qt for MacOS (tested with Mojave)
  • - static binaries of Komodo-Qt for Windows
  • komodo-qt-install.exe - Windows Installer

VirusTotal Links

VirusTotal SHA-256
komodo-qt-linux.tar.gz 62986c7faa6b785eb4a5d7c10023e240a0bb5ae702a2e51a07114efb0d7f1453 9444d61c4d74bd8c98ac696c5ee7b807963879af31a01e28b8c50d0197fcd02c 46d693427fca89faee2d3cac4b01f5ed959ec6c0cc95271ff8dde6537416eee5
komodo-qt-install.exe 173e0a6884cc3f1fd93d9a96606cca6572972b405e20c76bbf44312a76594b4a


For all people who worries about virustotal check results (especially for MacOS and Linux versions): even Bitcoin Core for Mac bitcoin-0.18.1-osx64.tar.gz from official site detected by some AV software as MAC.Miner.6 / RiskTool.OSX.Miner, here is a proof. So, Komodo-Qt (KomodoOcean) is not an exception, bcz it includes miner.

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