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Connect Discourse threads to Matterbridge
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Matterbabble is an API client for Discourse and Matterbridge. It mirrors Discourse posts in a topic to Matterbridge messages on a gateway, and vice versa. It works well with the Discourse Babble plugin, which formats a thread as a chat room.

Installation and Usage

To install, execute:

pip install matterbabble

To run, execute:

python -m matterbabble CONFIGPATH

providing the path to a Matterbabble configuration file as described below.


Matterbabble is configured with a configparser INI file.


address =
username = matterbridge
token = 0dwdmaddzludwvntpg7gss6dxdem7byemre3krw86k60n39vn1ni7wganakpzjd0
fmt = {username}: {message}

address =
token = oTUaGHctYYve28nYNMzLZszJvT1RD3kXLlZwPLULEaTFMRrGyvFzdvOdpsuQYFEhD84qL9PP5FJvGFOsQINESs1keaLO8SnvQNHHM6wq41mwHVX0NNKaBXD5uDaDhZ4p

lounge = /babble/topics/68

level = INFO


The discourse section must contain an address and API key for a Discourse forum, and the username of the user you want the client to run as. You can also change the format used for messages going to Discourse (the fmt key is optional).


The matterbridge section must contain the BindAddress of a Matterbridge API instance. If you added a Token to the API, you must also include that here.


The connections section maps Matterbridge gateways to Discourse topics. The ID of a topic is the last component of the URL after you navigate to it on Discourse, and the correct format is /topics/{id}. You can find a Babble chat room's ID by clicking on it in the admin chat manager. The format for those is /babble/topics/{id}.


The optional logging section can contain basicConfig options for logging in Matterbabble. You can set level to INFO to log raw objects sent through Matterbabble to stderr.

Caveat Emptor

Inline images in the Discourse post are currently replaced with links before being sent to the gateway because they generally aren't supported by chat rooms. Maybe there will be a better solution to this problem in future.


Copyright 2019 Declan Hoare

Licensed under Apache License 2.0. NO WARRANTY

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