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Demitri Morgan Deconstrained


X2Engine CRM Open Source Customer Relationship Management

    Resumé of Demitri Morgan

    Last updated

  • oneunitysb

    WordPress Theme w/Custom Metadata-based Widgets for One Unity Study Bible

    Last updated

  • resume-cli

    forked from jsonresume/resume-cli

    Install our command line tool, to easily setup a new resume.json. Once setup, you can export or publish straight from terminal

    Last updated

  • yii

    forked from yiisoft/yii

    Yii PHP Framework

    Last updated

  • Gummii

    A web application for discussion and peer review

    Last updated

  • maxfield

    forked from jpeterbaker/maxfield

    Code for maximizing the Ingress fields on a given set fo portals

    Last updated

  • SchemaSync

    forked from mmatuson/SchemaSync

    A MySQL Schema Versioning and Migration Utility

    Last updated

  • EncryptBackup

    Script for maintaining partial, incremental data backups on multiple encrypted drives.

    Last updated

  • PigTrap

    Detects and logs resource-hungry processes.

    Last updated

  • PrimePy

    Prime number finding and prime factorization / decomposition utilities.

    Last updated

  • whatmp3

    forked from RecursiveForest/whatmp3

    Create mp3 torrents from FLACs

    Last updated

  • yii-user

    forked from mishamx/yii-user

    Yii PHP Framework extension for registration and management users accounts.

    Last updated

  • MySync

    Python script for rsync shorthand, i.e. for backups & frequent remote copying.

    Last updated

  • Johnny

    A python script for guessing TrueCrypt passphrases, if you forgot your passphrase but can remember its mnemonic.

    Last updated

  • WorkDivSimAnneal

    A python module for using simulated annealing to solve the problem of dividing different-sized tasks among workers.

    Last updated

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