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Volumetric flow bench based on Arduino and MAF sensor
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This repository contains the hardware schematics and software code needed to build a volumetric flow bench based on an Arduino controller and common automotive MAF sensor

What is it?

The DIY Flow Bench is a basic system to measure and display volumetric air flow.

The Flow Bench is used as a tool for measuring and quantifying modifications and improvements made to items such as automotive cylinder heads and carburettors by detecting air flow improvements.

Project Goals

  • Affordable & easy to source components.
  • Can be built & operated by a layman.
  • Generates results comparable with commercial flow bench.
  • Open source.

Project Status

The project is currently very much in its alpha stage with basic feature development for both hardware and software still in progress.

If you want to build the project you can follow the connection schema for the current version in the repository and download the corresponding Arduino sketch.


A basic outline of what we would like to achieve...

  • Integration of the flow measurement sensor and generation of basic CFM readout
  • Integration of differential pressure sensors for measurement of reference source / Pitot tubes
  • Finalisation of feature-set (calibration / reference pressure conversion / etc)
  • Development of PCB & housing


This project is released under the GPLV3 license. For details on usage please refer to the license file included with this project

Further Information

Join the project community -

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