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==== gameplan ====
- in install_symlink(), change the -l section to check if it's pointing to OUR OWN repo, and only
overwrite it in that case
===== testing ====
To test this:
- set up a test-area, with two different repos
- create RepoA; create RepoA/.bashrc; symlink ~/.bashrc to /etc/bashrc; run deedot, and confirm it
won't overwrite it
- remove the symlink that's currently at ~/.bashrc
- TODO: figure out something that lets us test whether two repos can co-exist by using the
substitution method, and confirm that the correct source document gets substituted into the
correct section
- create RepoB; create RepoB/.bashrc; create RepoA/.vimrc
- confirm that .bashrc
> note... is it possible to install this to somewhere other than $HOME?
> for testing purposes, I suppose I could temporarily set $HOME to be another directory
- try removing RepoB completely
- confirm that ~/.bashrc is removed