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import numpy as np
import networkx as nx
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import pickle
import requests
import re
from pattern import web
class Crawler():
def __init__(self, startURL, matchURL, n=None):
self.startURL = startURL
self.regex = matchURL
self.G = nx.DiGraph()
self.nPages = n
self.crawled = list()
self.crawling = [startURL,]
self.currentId = 0
def getLinks(self, url):
'''Returns a list of links contained in the DOM of the page at a given URL'''
data = requests.get(url).text
dom = web.Element(data)
links = list()
for a in dom.by_tag('a'):
if 'href' in a.attributes:
return links
def cleanLinks(self, dirtyList, currentURL):
'''Removes url not matching given domain and transform relative paths to absolute paths'''
cleanList = list()
for link in dirtyList:
url = None
# print 'In:', link
if self.regex in link:
if link[:7] == 'http://':
url = link
elif link[:2] == '//':
url = 'http:' + link
elif len(link) > 0 and link[0] == '/':
url = self.startURL + link
if url not in cleanList and url != None:
# print 'Out:', cleanList[-1]
return cleanList
def updateNetwork(self, G, url, linksList):
'''Add fetched links to digraph G'''
edgesList = [(url, l) for l in linksList]
return G
def reloadFromExistingState(self, graph, crawled, crawling, dump=None):
'''Relaunch from existing dumped state'''
self.crawled = self.loadFromFile(crawled)
self.crawling = self.loadFromFile(crawling)
self.G = nx.read_gml(graph)
self.currentId = len(self.crawled)
def dumpGraph(self):
'''Dump graph as a GML file and save png of the network'''
# Save Graph
nx.write_gml(self.G, 'graph_full.gml')
# Plot Graph
pos = nx.spring_layout(self.G)
nx.draw_networkx_nodes(self.G, pos, cmap=plt.get_cmap('jet'))
nx.draw_networkx_edges(self.G, pos, edge_color='k', arrows=True)
plt.savefig("graph.png", bbox_inches="tight")
print 'Crawled %d pages, %d remaining' % (len(self.crawled), len(self.crawling))
def dumpToFile(self, data, fname):
'''Use pickle to dump data in fname file'''
f = open(fname, 'w')
pickle.dump(data, f)
def loadFromFile(self, fname):
'''Use pickle to load data from fname file and return it'''
f = open(fname, 'r')
data = pickle.load(f)
return data
def crawl(self, n=None, dump=None):
'''Launch crawler on n pages if n != None, otherwise, it stops when all webpages have been explored'''
if n != None:
self.nPages = n
print "Start crawling ", self.startURL
while (self.nPages == None and len(self.crawling) > 0) or (self.nPages != None and len(self.crawled) <= self.nPages):
self.currentId += 1
if dump != None and (self.currentId)%dump == 0:
# Dump intermediary graph in case of crash or interrupt
nx.write_gml(self.G, 'graph_%06d.gml' % self.currentId)
self.dumpToFile(self.crawled, 'crawled_%06d.p' % self.currentId)
self.dumpToFile(self.crawling, 'crawling_%06d.p'% self.currentId)
currentURL = self.crawling.pop(0)
print "Crawling page %d of %d:"%(self.currentId, len(self.crawling + self.crawled)), currentURL.encode('ascii','xmlcharrefreplace')
# Get a list of new links from the current page
dirtyLinks = self.getLinks(currentURL)
cleanLinks = self.cleanLinks(dirtyLinks, currentURL)
newLinks = list(set(cleanLinks) - set(self.crawling + self.crawled))
self.crawling += newLinks
print '%d of %d new links found on the current page'%(len(newLinks), len(cleanLinks))
# Build network
self.G = self.updateNetwork(self.G, currentURL, cleanLinks)
if __name__ == "__main__":
bug = Crawler("", "")
bug.crawl(n=None, dump=200)