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pacgo is an experimental wrapper for pacman and makepkg with AUR support.

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pacgo is an experimental wrapper for pacman written in Go and heavily inspired by packer. Its (eventual) goal is to be fast and easily modifiable. It supports AUR installation, search, and update checking, as well as AUR dependency handling for makepkg. It is also capable of downloading and extracting source tarballs from the AUR.


Optional Deps


The easiest way to install pacgo is using the package provided in the AUR. It's also possible to install using the go tool:

go get

For more information about the go tool, run the following command after installing Go:

go help


Usage is much like pacman's, but with a few important differences:

pacgo will not simply pass unrecognized commands through to pacman. pacgo is intended to only wrap commands that have the possibility of using the AUR. pacgo also adds a few new commands. For a complete list, run:

pacgo --help


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