A Javascript Productivity Tool for WinStore/WinPhone apps
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metronode Metronode

A Javascript Productivity Tool for WinStore/WinPhone apps

See www.metronode.org for usage details

#Introduction MetroNode is a NuGet Plugin designed to integrate NodeJS/CommonJS into your WinStore/WinPhone apps without excessive developer effort. The tool supports hundreds of NodeJS modules, is compatible with popular javascript architectures and supports a variety of test tools.


  1. Include the MetroNode package through NuGet

2.Reference the MetroNode script in default.html:

<script src=".metro.node.js"></script>

#Source Control To be safe, you should add the following to your .gitignore:

  • .*
  • .metro.node.js
  • *.cache.js
  • node_modules

#Support for Universal Apps The Node.js NuGet Package has not been updated to correctly support Unviversal apps.

Until this can be addressed, do the following:

  1. Add the MetroNode NuGet Package to both the WinStore and WinPhone platform projects
  2. Add the Solution's package.json (typically in solution root, or ProjectDir/../) as a linked file to the root of both the WinStore and WinPhone projects
  3. Build from the platform projects themselves; if you build from solution, NPM/Node packages will not be able to correclty find node_modules folder.

Notice that the node_modules, packages and bin folders will be one directory above the shared projects.