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Software framework for image(2D)/volumetric(3D) data processing with APIs to interface deep neural network open-source softwares, written in C++ with extensive Python supports. Originally developed for analyzing data from time-projection-chamber (TPC). It is then converted to be a generic tool to handle 2D-projected images and 3D-voxelized data.

Note This repository is re-created from LArbys/LArCV repository, referred to as larbys version. The larbys version is still under active development for analysis purpose in MicroBooNE experiment. This repository is split for more generic technical R&D work in October 2017.



  • ROOT6
  • Python (optional)
  • OpenCV 3 (optional)
  • Numpy (optional)


  1. Dependencies to build with are determined automatically through the following conditions.
  • ROOT: determined through the ability to run rootcling
  • OpenCV: the presence of OPENCV_INCDIR and OPENCV_LIBDIR environment variables
  • Numpy: being able to import numpy
  1. Clone & build
git clone
cd larcv2

That's it. When you want to use the built larcv from a different process, you only need to repeat source and no need to re-make.


Checkout the Wiki for notes on using this code.