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Singularity build scripts for singularity hub. You can learn about Singularity in our wiki or official doc.

To pull the container, simply try

singularity pull -n local.img shub://DeepLearnPhysics/larcv2-singularity:$TAG

For more fun things to do, you can read our wiki.

What's in the build?

All builds are based on Ubuntu16.04 LTS with some highlighted packages below

  • Python packages: pip numpy scipy scikit opencv-python h5py tables pandas matplotlib ipython jupyter notebook pyyaml zmq
  • Development kit: g++/gcc libqt4-dev python-dev cuda-9.0 cudnn-7 cython
  • Utility kit : git wget emacs vim asciinema

We build 3 types of images.

  • Base image
    • Latest tag: ub16.04-tf1.10.1-torch0.4.1
    • tensorflow-gpu 1.10.1, pytorch 0.4.1
singularity pull -n local.img shub://DeepLearnPhysics/larcv2-singularity:ub16.04-tf1.10.1-torch0.4.1
  • ROOT image (include Base)
    • Latest tag: ub16.04-tf1.10-torch0.4.1-root6.14.04
    • ROOT 6.14.04, additional python package root_numpy
singularity pull -n local.img shub://DeepLearnPhysics/larcv2-singularity:ub16.04-tf1.10.1-torch0.4.1-root6.14.04
  • LArCV image (include ROOT)
    • Tag: latest
    • Additional python package larcv
singularity pull -n local.img shub://DeepLearnPhysics/larcv2-singularity:latest

Docker images?

Checkout built images on our docker hub.

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