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Cancer Deep Phenotype Extraction (DeepPhe) Project

Introduction v0.3.0

This documentation describes v0.3.0 of

  • the base DeepPhe system, which
    • extracts information from plaintext documents using Apache cTAKES
    • summarizes information for Cancers and Tumors across mutiple documents
    • writes results to a Neo4j database
  • and DeepPhe Viz, for visualizing the cancer patient summaries generated by the DeepPhe system.

The system has been tested using documents from three cancer domains:

  • Breast Cancer
  • Ovarian Cancer
  • Malignant Melanoma

Here is a pictorial example of DeepPhe processing five documents for a single patient, and summarizing the cancer information from the five documents. Some of the attributes, such as the tumor size and treatment, show future direction of DeepPhe beyond version 0.3.0. Summarizing Five Documents

Quick Start

  1. Install the base DeepPhe system.
  2. Install DeepPhe-Viz, the DeepPhe Visualizer.

Using DeepPhe

  1. Name the files you would like to process
  2. Run the DeepPhe system
  3. View the results using DeepPhe-Viz
    • This release of DeepPhe uses neo4j 3.5.x. WARNING - do not simply download the latest version of neo4j.

Advanced Topics

Visit the DeepPhe wiki for more.


DeepPhe is provided under an Academic Software Use Agreement
Refer to that agreement for information about requesting the use of the Software for commercial purposes.

DeepPhe includes portions of the ontology. Refer to regarding the licensing of the ontology.

DeepPhe includes portions of the NCI Thesaurus (NCIt).

Other licenses for your reference
   - Apache cTAKES™    - Neo4j

Contact / Help

Please drop us a note if you obtain the code, by posting to the DeepPhe group.

Metrics on downloads and usage could help us with funding future enhancements.

For questions, contact us via the DeepPhe group.