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This repository has been archived by the owner. It is now read-only.
A thumbnailer for KRA ( Krita native file ) and ORA ( open-raster ) for the Gnome desktop ( version < 3.10 )
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A thumbnailer for Gnome 'File' (aka Nautilus) and Cinnamon 'Nemo' for KRA ( Krita native file ) and ORA ( open-raster ).

Project is Archived:

2018-04: Repository archived on Github: the project moved to GNOME - YAY!
2018-08: GNOME archived due to inactivity or deprecation - :-/

Bleee.... After the full rewrite in C, I wasn't able to maintain it myself. Then I was happy when this project was joining the shiny new Git.Gnome in 2018. But sad to see the project was archived after 4month on the new platform. It feels litteraly like an "Embrace, extend, and extinguish" strategy happened to this repository... So, I'm unarchiving to add this note to the README, then I'm re-Archiving it. At least, I guess it wasn't done "on purpose" by the GNOME project, but still... Not a good relationship.

Where to go now? To try maintaining the project, the repo you can contribute is in the Archive of GNOME now: but if you want to apply something that works today for your GNOME install, I advice the usage of: as an alternative.


Get the "build essential" from your package manager, autogen, cmake, git ...etc...

Get the sources :

git clone
cd gnome-kra-ora-thumbnailer

Note : You can also download the source as a zip here : gnome-kra-ora-thumbnailer on Github

Configure, build and install :

sudo make install


Close all Nemo/Files/Nautilus.

Clean your old thumbnail cache :

rm -R ~/.cache/thumbnails

Re-open, check your *.kra files , and your *.ora files : should have thumbnail now.

Notes :

  • Don't forget in 'preferences' to allow thumbnail preview for files larger than 100MB ; those layered files tend to be large.
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