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Although the nerf range project was successful, it turned out that there was little interest in the competative building portion of this project. On the upside, the range had 5 installs during 2015, with hundreds of excited players during that time.

So although the MFUKLC project (it's a terrible acronym) has now reached it's conclusion, the same technology (with upgrades like full colour, animated, LED targets) lives on as Made Invaders.

DefProc, 2016

MFUKLC - Lasercut Challenge

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to build a device that can propel small light weight projectiles against a target.

Round 1: MakerFaire UK 2015 (25-26 April Newcastle) MakerFaire UK.

Round 2: MakeFest Liverpool 2015 (27th June, Central Library, Liverpool) LpoolMakeFest.

Round 3: MakeFest Manchester 2015 (8–9th August, MOSI, Manchester) MakeFest.

Round 4: Oggcamp '16

Take a look at the rules to find out what you need to do. You can be a part of this challenge, either by entering at an event where the target will be, or by running your own event wherever and whenever you choose.

Entries are now open to participate at Maker Faire UK 2015

If you'd like to participate or have additional questions contact @defproc or @MFUKLC. Along with coming to Maker Faire UK in April 2015, we will also ask for:

  • your twitter name so we can add you to the list of participants,
  • your github account name so we can give you write access to this repository,
  • an email address would be nice in case we need to make any notifications,
  • you be enthusiastic and open about your entry!

If you'd like to follow each teams progress and enjoy the trash talking follow the hash tag #MFUKLC "Mega Fun United Kingdom Laser Challenge" or follow the twitter account @MFUKLC to see @replies for the challenge in your timeline.

Although this activity is running at the Maker Faire UK event, it is in no way affiliated with either Maker Faire UK or Make Media. It's an event being run by exhibitors at Maker Faire UK.

Repository Structure

  • entries/
    • /AAAA/ subdirectories per entrant with 4-letter, upercase name,
  • range/ files for the range that will be used to score the entries,
  • resources/ links, descriptions and resources to help participants,
  • rules/ the rules,
  • trophy/ files for the trophy.

Short Link

Short link to this repository.