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Deep Cloning Plugin

This plugin gives every ActiveRecord::Base object the possibility to do a deep clone.

Repository is on github:

Install with:

script/plugin install git://


Cloning a model without an attribute

pirate.dup :except => :name

Cloning a model without multiple attributes

pirate.dup :except => [:name, :nick_name]

Cloning one single association

pirate.dup :include => :mateys

Cloning multiple associations

pirate.dup :include => [:mateys, :treasures]

Cloning really deep

pirate.dup :include => {:treasures => :gold_pieces}

Cloning really deep with multiple associations

pirate.dup :include => [:mateys, {:treasures => :gold_pieces}]

Copyright © 2008 Jan De Poorter, released under the MIT license