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0.3.1 - 2008-01-16
* First release as a gem [Brandon Keepers]
Filters now return nil instead of LDAP::Server::MatchingRule::DefaultMatch
in the case that there's no schema.
Minor changes to syntax.rb to support OpenLDAP extensions.
Change the 'validate' API so it works for updates too.
Change the 'modify' API so it sends a hash of attr=>[:op,data] which makes
it easier to determine which entries have been modified.
Fix modify, add and compare to normalise attribute names using the schema if
there is one.
Added a whole loada Schema stuff.
Moved exceptions under LDAP::ResultError for consistency with ruby-ldap.
Changed the parsed [filter] format to include a MatchingRule object always
(even if no schema is present)
Changed LDAPserver to LDAP::Server and rejigged the repository to match.
In your code you will have to change:
require 'ldapserver/foo' -> require 'ldap/server/foo'
LDAPserver::bar -> LDAP::Server::bar
I have added require 'ldap/server' which pulls in the things a basic server
will need (minus schema)
Factored out the SSL stuff into Connection, which should also allow the
STARTTLS extension to be implemented later
Added a Server class, with methods run_tcpserver and run_prefork.
Created an explicit preforkserver method.
tcpserver: add ability to drop privileges
examples/rbslapd3.rb: make work if ldapdb.yaml does not exist. Also bind
explicitly to; it seems that TCPSocket doesn't work properly in
some circumstances without it (FreeBSD 5.4 with IPv6 disabled in kernel)
Implemented SSL support in tcpserver, just by copying examples from
openssl module.
Tweak split_dn so that it should work properly with UTF-8 encoded strings
Added examples/rbslapd3.rb, a preforking LDAP server
Added :listen option to tcpserver to set listen queue size. With the default
of 5, and 100 children trying to connect, a few connections get dropped.
Added :nodelay option to tcpserver to set TCP_NODELAY socket option. This
removes 100ms of latency in responses.
Added examples/speedtest.rb
Modify connection.rb to ensure no memory leak in the event of exceptions
being raised in operation threads.
Fix examples/rbslapd2.rb SQLPool so that it always puts connections back
into the pool (using 'ensure' this time :-)
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