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Defacto2 database exports in SQL and JSON
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Defacto2 Data Exports

GitHub   GitHub Release Date Website MySQL

Daily MySQL data dumps:

As of August 2019 there are daily SQL data dumps available for download at

All datasets stored there are compatible with MySQL 5.7.

The .sql files beginning with d2-sql-insert include DROP TABLE, CREATE TABLE and INSERT statements, to replace all existing tables and data.

The files beginning with d2-sql-update use REPLACE INTO statements to update any existing data.

Current GitHub data dump: 2019-Jan-15

A complete data dump of the Defacto2 database for its file collection, web links and group acronyms.

A direct download link is available.

What is here

The data export is available in two formats, SQL and JSON.

SQL allows you to recreate the database using a MySQL 5.7 server installation.

  • /sql/defacto2-inno-2019-01-15-16-10-18.sql

JSON is a modern, widely used standard that you can incorporate into applications.

  • /json/files-2019-01-15-16-15-57.json

  • /json/groups-2019-01-15-16-16-16.json

  • /json/netresources-2019-01-15-16-16-28.json

  • /json/files-2019-01-15-16-15-57.min.json is identical to /json/files-2019-01-15-16-15-57.json except the newline characters have been removed, the minification was done with Minify

Please read and adhere to the licence before using this data in any projects

Enjoy, Defacto2.


The data and these exports are under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) licence.

How to use the SQL

You need a preconfigured and running database server that can handle MySQL 5.7 syntax. Skip ahead to Use Docker to host the SQL for a simpler setup.

  • MySQL 5.7 Community Server
  • Percona Server 5.7 is a drop in replacement for MySQL 5.7
  • MariaDB 10.2+ is a drop in replacement for MySQL 5.7

In a terminal use the MySQL client to import the data:

mysql -u root < sql/defacto2-inno-2019-01-15-16-10-18.sql

  • -u root is the database server, sign-in account name
  • < sql/defacto2-inno-2019-01-15-16-10-18.sql tells mysql server to import the data from this .sql file

I recommend using Adminer for data browsing and management.

Though DBeaver Community also works fine.

Use Docker to host the SQL

Included is a Docker Compose docker-compose.yml configuration for easier usage.

You need both the Docker Engine and Docker Compose already setup.

Clone and initialize the database.

git clone
cd database
docker-compose up -d

Then point your browser to http://localhost:8080. Login as root with the password password, the database is named defacto2-inno.

To shutdown the container.

docker-compose stop

To startup the container.

docker-compose start

To reset or update the database data from the SQL.

docker-compose down
docker-compose up -d


The data is broken down into three tables, files, groups and netresources

  • files form the core of the site and compose of nearly 18,000 rows of hosted data.
  • groups comprise of only initialisms and acronyms for scene groups.
  • netresources are online links to other scene resources, usually websites.

files - files-2019-01-15-16-15-57.json

Column Description Example
id Primary key 8968
uuid Unique identifier used as the stored file and images name b826e39b-66c6-4929-8e5a-f59b07ffaa00
list_relations List of associated Defacto2 records Alternative;a84626
web_id_github Github repository Id
web_id_youtube YouTube video Id
web_id_pouet Pouët record Id
web_id_demozoo Demozoo record Id 158448
group_brand_for Group or brand authorship The Dream Team
group_brand_by Group or brand authorship
record_title Production title or magazine issue Midwinter II
date_issued_year Published year 1992
date_issued_month Published month 3
date_issued_day Published day 26
credit_text Writing credits
credit_program Programming credits
credit_illustration Artist credits
credit_audio Composer credits
filename Filename of the download MID2TDT1.ZIP
filesize Size of the download 30923
list_links List of associated URLs
file_security_alert_url A URL to the results of a virus scan
file_zip_content List of files and directories contained in the download archive DREAM.NFO INTRO.EXE MUSIC TEXT
file_magic_type File type metadata Zip archive data, at least v1.0 to extract
preview_image The name of a file within the archive that was used as a screenshot
file_integrity_strong SHA386 hash value of the download 22370b5e81...
file_integrity_weak MD5 hash value of the download c00fccc640...
file_last_modified Last modified date value of the download 2017-03-19 05:49:14
platform Computer platform tag dOS
section Category tag releaseadvert
comment Description of the download
deletedat When this record was disabled
deletedby The id of the account which disabled this record
createdat When this record was created 2014-10-13 12:08:52
dosee_run_program Program filename to run in DOSee, the MS-DOS emulator
retrotxt_readme The filename of a text file to display in the browser DREAM.NFO
retrotxt_no_readme Toggle to disable retrotxt_readme
dosee_hardware_cpu DOSee CPU emulation selection 486
dosee_hardware_graphic DOSee graphic card selection vga
dosee_hardware_audio DOSee audio card selection covox
dosee_no_aspect_ratio_fix DOSee aspect-ratio toggle
dosee_incompatible Flag this record as incompatible with DOSee
dosee_no_ems DOSee Expanded memory toggle 1
dosee_no_xms DOSee Extended memory toggle 1
dosee_no_umb DOSee Upper memory toggle 1
dosee_load_utilities Load DOSee utilities
updatedby The id of the account which updated this record ADB7C2BF-7221-467B-B813-3636FE4AE16B
updatedat When this record was last updated 2017-03-19 05:57:12
groups - groups-2019-01-15-16-16-16.json
Column Description Example
id Primary key 9
pubname Unique group id Razor 1911
initialisms Acronym or initialism value RZR
netresources - netresources-2019-01-15-16-16-28.json
Column Description Example
id Primary key 675
uuid Unique identifier 6c43b299-d7da-4670-a687-70c642b3a33e
legacyid Callback to the original database used by Defacto2
httpstatuscode HTTP code results from a ping 200
httpstatustext HTTP text results from a ping OK
httplocation Unused
httpetag HTTP etag result that's used for cache
httplastmodified HTTP lastmodified result that's used for cache
metatitle Title metatag Demozoo
metadescription Description metatag
metaauthors Authors metatag
metakeywords Keywords metatag
uriref Web address
title Name of the site Demozoo
date_issued_year Publication year
date_issued_year Publication month
date_issued_year Publication day
comment About this web resource The world's largest database of scene productions.
categorykey Category tag cracktro
categorysort Subcategory tag gallery
deletedat When this record was disabled
deletedatcomment The reason this record was disabled
createdat When this record was created 2016-05-07 20:43:36
updatedat When this record was last updated 2017-01-27 22:11:23
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