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Troubleshoot shrinker.err

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Troubleshoot - How do I fix a Shrinker.err Dispatcher initialization error?

Symptom: A legacy Windows program crashed while leaving the cryptic error message.

SHRINKER.ERR Dispatcher initialization error 11 in Windows


This is a common error that occurs with Windows 95/98/ME applications that are compressed with earlier versions of the Shrinker compression program. Fortunately there is an easy solution. You just need to decompress the application using either DeShrink 1.6 or UnShrinker. DeShrink is a standard Windows application while UnShrinker uses the command prompt.

There will be occasions where these solutions cannot decrypt or fix the affected programs. In these circumstances you will not be able to solve this issue other than to run the applications generating the Dispatcher error within a Windows 95, 98 or ME operating system environment.