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We recently moved LearningSpaces to CAPP Agile Learning:


The original branch of the LearningSpaces website can be found here

LearningSpaces Landingpage

LearningSpaces lets you quickly set up a learning community where you create and share knowledge with your team.

Serve and Build

We serve and build our localized websites using different -e environment flags:

# Serve using a single locale
bundle exec middleman -e en
bundle exec middleman -e nl
bundle exec middleman -e de

# Build using a single locale
bundle exec middleman build -e en
bundle exec middleman build -e nl
bundle exec middleman build -e de

Builds can be found in the build directory and the server runs at http://localhost:4567.

You can still serve and build without specifying an environment (for development purposes only). This will build all additional locales as subdirectories, e.g. /nl or /de. Note that serving or building single locales using environments doesn't have i18n fallback.


Build and deploy to Amazon S3:

# Deploy all locales

# Deploy single locale
./deploy en
./deploy nl
./deploy de

Useful links for debugging


  • Ruby 2.2.0
  • Bundler

To install other dependencies run bundle install from the root of the project