Elixir library to help selecting the right elements in your tests.
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A set of Elixir and Hound helpers to set/get test selectors to/from elements in a Phoenix app (when Mix.env == :test). These selectors are hashed (scoped to the view module they are used in) for accurate selection and "leakage" prevention. See our Wiki for examples.

Why? Because we prefer reserving classes for styling, and id's have limitations because they have to be unique.



def deps do
  [{:test_selector, "~> 0.2.0"}]

Use TestSelector.HTML.Helpers to your web.ex.

  • In phoenix 1.2.0 at web/web.ex
  • In phoenix 1.3.0 and up at lib/your_project/web/web.ex

Add somewhere along:

  def view(opts \\ []) do
    quote do
      use Phoenix.HTML

      use TestSelector.HTML.Helpers

In the tests import the TestSelector.Test.Helpers:

defmodule Project.Web.MyTest do
  use Hound.Helpers

  import TestSelector.Test.Helpers


To run tests you need to install PhantomJS.

brew install phantomjs

Run the webdriver:

phantomjs -w

Run the tests:

mix test