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Defacto websites

The source code for our websites:

More detailed information can be found at the Wiki.

  • Ruby 2.3.3 (install with rbenv)
  • Bundler

To install other dependencies run bundle install from the root of the project.


Start Middleman server and browse to http://localhost:4567:

rake serve:nl
rake serve:de
rake serve:en
rake build:nl
rake build:de
rake build:en
Test (and build before)
rake test:nl
rake test:de
rake test:en
rake test # Test all locales with HTML-proofer
Stage (and build before)

We can stage a version of the website in one locale:

rake deploy_staging:nl
rake deploy_staging:de
rake deploy_staging:en

Staging is deployed to website-staging/tree/gh-pages

Deploy (and build before)
rake deploy:nl
rake deploy:de
rake deploy:en
rake deploy # Deploy all locales

:nl is deployed to website/tree/gh-pages.
:de is deployed to website-de/tree/gh-pages.
:en is deployed to website-en/tree/gh-pages.

Useful links for debugging
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