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Crowdin Discord

A list of all commands is available here

Main features

  • Moderation features (word, spam, invite filtering)
  • Fun and useful commands like !roll or !vote with the ability to add custom responses
  • Game-related commands for TF2, Minecraft, Steam, osu!...
  • Movie and GameDB search
  • Xkcd comics, cat pictures, ...
  • Multi-level permissions
  • Logging to a channel of your choice
  • Reminders and polls
  • Per-server settings

Invite and help

Wanna add Nano to your server? Use this magic invite link!
If you're confused or need help, hop on our Discord server - Nano lounge.

Need a local bot?

If you want to run your copy of Nano locally (with Docker), make sure to follow this guide. (just keep in mind: as per the license, you're not allowed to host this bot as public, only for private use on your servers.)

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