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Improve docker documentation

Replace calls to docker with docker-compose, which does not depend on
the name of the project directory.
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Sergey Panfilov
Sergey Panfilov committed Dec 13, 2019
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@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ docker-compose build
To build a single image, run:

docker-compose build django
docker-compose build uwsgi

@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@ This will run the application based on merged configurations from docker-compose
* Hot-reloading for the **celeryworker** container is not yet implemented. When working on deduplication for example, restart the celeryworker container with:

docker restart django-defectdojo_celeryworker_1
docker-compose restart celeryworker

* The mysql port is forwarded to the host so that you can access your database from outside the container.
@@ -145,19 +145,10 @@ You can now launch the remote debug from VS Code, place your breakpoints and ste
## Access the application
Navigate to <http://localhost:8080> where you can log in with username admin.
To find out the admin password, check the very beginning of the console
output of the initializer container, typically name 'django-defectdojo_initializer_1', or run the following:
output of the initializer container by running:

container_id=(`docker ps -a \
--filter "name=django-defectdojo_initializer_1" \
| awk 'FNR == 2 {print $1}'`) && \
docker logs $container_id 2>&1 | grep "Admin password:"


docker logs django-defectdojo_initializer_1
docker-compose logs initializer | grep "Admin password:"

Make sure you write down the first password generated as you'll need it when re-starting the application.
@@ -262,7 +253,7 @@ docker-compose up
Enter the container to run more tests:
docker exec -it django-defectdojo_uwsgi_1 bash
docker-compose exec uwsgi bash
Rerun all the tests:

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