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16 Text Preprocessing Techniques in Python for Twitter Sentiment Analysis.
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16 Text Preprocessing Techniques in Python for Twitter Sentiment Analysis.

These techniques were used in comparison in our paper "A Comparison of Pre-processing Techniques for Twitter Sentiment Analysis". If you use this material please cite the paper. An extended paper for this work can be found here, with the title "A comparative evaluation of pre-processing techniques and their interactions for twitter sentiment analysis". Please cite.

Most of these techniques are generic and can be used in various applications except Sentiment Analysis. They are the following:

0. Remove Unicode Strings and Noise

1. Replace URLs, User Mentions and Hashtags

2. Replcae Slang and Abbreviations

3. Replace Contractions

4. Remove Numbers

5. Replace Repetitions of Punctuation

6. Replace Negations with Antonyms

7. Remove Punctuation

8. Handling Capitalized Words

9. Lowercase

10. Remove Stopwords

11. Replace Elongated Words

12. Spelling Correction

13. Part of Speech Tagging

14. Lemmatizing

15. Stemming

This scripts also prints some statistics for the text file like:

  • Total Sentences
  • Total Words before and after preprocess
  • Total Unique words before and after preprocess
  • Average Words per Sentence before and after preprocess
  • Total Run time
  • Total Emoticons found
  • Total Slangs and Abbreviations found
  • 20 Most Commong Sland and Abbreviations and plots them
  • Total Elongated words
  • Total multi Exclamation
  • question and stop marks
  • Total All Capitalized words
  • 100 Most Common words and plots them and most common bigram and trigram collocations

The text file that we included here is a sample (2000 tweets) of the SS-Twitter dataset.

The file "" includes many comments and in order to use a technique you have to uncomment the appropriate line/lines. The initial script uses all techniques. So if you want to use only specific techniques, comment out the others.

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