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// Type definitions for Watermark plugin for jQuery 3.1
// Project:
// Definitions by: Anwar Javed <>
// Definitions:
/// <reference path="../jquery/jquery.d.ts"/>
interface WatermarkOptions {
className?: string; // Default class name for all watermarks
useNative?: boolean; // If true, plugin will detect and use native browser support for watermarks, if available. (e.g., WebKit's placeholder attribute.)
hideBeforeUnload?: boolean; // If true, all watermarks will be hidden during the window beforeunload event.
interface Watermark {
options: WatermarkOptions;
show(element: string): void;
hide(element: string): void;
showAll(): void;
hideAll(): void;
interface JQuery {
watermark(text: string, options?: WatermarkOptions): JQuery;
interface JQueryStatic {
watermark: Watermark;