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See my original issue: #12

And this which broke it again: #27

I'm not sure what @k33g is going for. Please continue the discussion in this thread instead of either of those.


I don't get the point in declaring it as an external module. If you use

declare module Backbone

you do not have to import the module. Just use it.


If you are generating modules with AMD you have to import it so that the define() wrapper is generated correctly.

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TypeScript team seems to suggest that modules (like node ones) that are usually imported are to be external.
And the rest to be simply internal. It definitely is making things more weird/complicated by declaring them external.
Is there a way to have it both ways? And possibly ask the TS team to clarify the intent behind the two usages?


I've created a discussion on codeplex and will update here as that thread changes. If anyone else has a point to add please do so here or there. I really don't want to have to maintain a fork because of 1 line but if I'm in the minority here I will.


+1 on this issue. It's really annoying to use AMD with the modules in this repo.


Thank you @ryan-naumann. I like your post on codeplex and hope this will help clarifying this issue.


See - a proposal we added that would solve this.

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