Grunt plugin to automate TSD and TypeScript definition related tasks
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Grunt plugin to automate tsd and TypeScript definition related tasks

Getting Started

This plugin requires Grunt ~0.4.1

If you haven't used Grunt before, be sure to check out the Getting Started guide, as it explains how to create a Gruntfile as well as install and use Grunt plugins. Once you're familiar with that process, you may install this plugin with this command:

Grunt-tsd 0.2.0 is a pre-release for TSD 0.6.0, use @next tag

$ npm install grunt-tsd@next --save-dev

Once the plugin has been installed, it may be enabled inside your Gruntfile with this line of JavaScript:


The "tsd" task


	tsd: {
		refresh: {
			options: {
				// execute a command
				command: 'reinstall',

				//optional: always get from HEAD
				latest: true,

				// specify config file
				config: '../conf/tsd.json',

				// experimental: options to pass to tsd.API
				opts: {
					// props from tsd.Options


  • 0.2.0 - TSD 0.6.x support (fist as prerelease @next)
  • 0.1.0 - reinstall always resolves dependencies, saves to config/bundle and overwrites
  • 0.0.2 ... 0.0.4 - Updating TSD version to 0.5.6
  • 0.0.1 - First release for TSD 0.5.2


Contributions are very welcome, please create an Issue before doing something major.

In lieu of a formal styleguide, take care to maintain the existing coding style. Add unit tests for any new or changed functionality. Lint and test your code using Grunt.