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Multiple installs at once (request) #3

Crwth opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Crwth Diullei Gomes

Other command-line package managers (such as npm) allow multiple packages to be installed at once:

tsd install node express

Such functionality in tsd would be welcome!

Diullei Gomes

I agree. I think that's a good idea. I'll implement today. Thank you!

Diullei Gomes Diullei was assigned
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Diullei Gomes Diullei requests: #3 and #4 implementeds
* TSD allow multple definition installations by using: `tsd install lib
* You can define repository url and other configuration in a config file
* Repository directory structure is mirrored in local folder.
* some bug fix
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Diullei Gomes Diullei bug fix #2 #3 #4 ea4aea5
Diullei Gomes

@Crwth I implemented your request. this version is not under npm yet. Please clone this repository git clone, go to cloned folder and install npm i -g.

try some thing like: tsd install node express

OBS.: now you can define root folder in a file named tsd-config.json on your project root directory. To create this file you can use this command: tsd ncfg.

I will wait your feedback!

Diullei Gomes Diullei closed this
Diullei Gomes

This version is on npm now. Use npm i -g tsd to install. To more info about this request implementation

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