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DeforaOS Keyboard

About Keyboard

This program emulates a physical keyboard by providing a virtual interface on screen. It currently supports four modes:

  • docked, where it will occupy the bottom of the screen;
  • popup, likewise as a popup window;
  • windowed, where it can be found in the system tray (default)
  • embedded, which outputs its window ID for inclusion within another program.

Additionally, it can be piloted through its companion tool, desktopctl(1).

Compiling Keyboard

The current requirements for compiling Keyboard are as follows:

  • Gtk+ 2.4 or later, or Gtk+ 3.0 or later
  • DeforaOS libDesktop
  • an implementation of make
  • gettext (libintl) for translations

With these installed, the following command should be enough to compile Keyboard on most systems:

$ make

On some systems, the Makefiles shipped can be re-generated accordingly thanks to the DeforaOS configure tool.

The compilation process supports a number of options, such as PREFIX and DESTDIR for packaging and portability, or OBJDIR for compilation outside of the source tree.

Distributing Keyboard

DeforaOS Keyboard is subject to the terms of the 2-clause BSD license. Please see the COPYING file for more information.