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DeforaOS Mixer

About Mixer

Mixer is a volume control application for the DeforaOS desktop.


A manual page for the executable installed is available in the doc folder. It is written in the DocBook-XML format, and needs libxslt and DocBook-XSL to be installed to be converted to either HTML or man file format.

Compiling Mixer

Mixer depends on the following components:

  • DeforaOS libDesktop
  • DocBook-XSL (for the manual pages)

With GCC, this should then be enough to compile Mixer:

$ make

On some systems, the Makefiles shipped can be re-generated accordingly thanks to the DeforaOS configure tool.

The compilation process supports a number of options, such as PREFIX and DESTDIR for packaging and portability, or OBJDIR for compilation outside of the source tree.

For instance, to install (or package) Mixer in a different location:

$ make DESTDIR="/staging/directory" PREFIX="/another/prefix" install

Distributing Panel

DeforaOS Mixer is subject to the terms of the 2-clause BSD license. Please see the COPYING file for more information.