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A bot for automating straightforward moderation tasks on reddit
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This is a bot for reddit, meant to automate straightforward moderation tasks by automatically performing actions based on defined conditions. For a large description of why this bot was created and what it does, please see this post I made about it on reddit.

If you'd like to utilize this functionality without running your own instance, just add AutoModerator as a mod to any subreddits you'd like to use it in, and send a message to me (Deimorz on reddit) explaining the conditions you'd like set up.


This code has been made public largely for the purpose of displaying exactly what AutoModerator does, and as an example for others working on reddit bots (moderation-related or otherwise). It may be difficult for others to get functional. Use at your own risk.

More Information

For all other information, including info about requirements/setup, updated lists of existing and planned features, etc. please see the project wiki.

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