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This page lists the current features and capabilities of AutoModerator. All capabilities are optional, and configurable on a per-subreddit basis, so each subreddit can have their own individual settings.

For practical examples of how these capabilities are often applied, see Common Uses.

For a list of features I plan to implement, see Planned Features.

General capabilities

  • Automatic removals/approvals/reports - Watch any of the "new", "spam", "reports", and "comments" pages of a subreddit, and approve, remove, or report comments and/or submissions based on defined criteria (see below for more detail and what types of criteria are available). Includes "confirming" removals in spam queue, for things that were already spam-filtered. Also supports automatically posting a comment or sending a PM to the user explaining why their post was removed.
  • Automatic link-flair assignment - Automatically assign link flair text/css-class to new submissions to the subreddit, based on defined criteria (title/URL/domain patterns, etc.).
  • Automatic alerts - Can also send a mod-mail "alert" when anything matching certain criteria is seen in any of the queues. Allows you to receive a notification when something significant happens, but not necessarily have it removed or approved automatically. Most commonly used to send an alert when something reaches a certain number of reports.
  • Approval/removal reason commenting/messaging - Can either leave a (distinguished) comment in response to any item approved or removed, or message the submitter, explaining the reason for the action. An optional "check all conditions" mode will build a comment showing all conditions that were matched, instead of stopping as soon as one is matched. This can be important in strict subreddits, so that submitters know all the errors they need to correct before submitting again. Alternatively, the reason message can be sent to the mod-mail, to let the mods know that an action was taken and why.
  • Mod-mail responding - If any submitters that get filtered send a message to the mods before the bot approves their submission, it will respond to their mod-mail.

More About Conditions

  • All conditions involving text use regular expressions so patterns can be defined, not just simple keyword-matching.
  • Conditions can be "inverted", which makes it so an action will be taken if the condition does not match.
  • Conditions can be combined, by having any number of "sub-conditions", which must all also be matched for the action to be performed.
  • Removal conditions "trump" approval conditions. That is, the bot will never approve something that also matches a removal condition.
  • The bot will never approve anything that has already been removed by another moderator.

Criteria for submissions and comments

  • The number of reports on the item
  • Username of the poster
  • User's account age (in days)
  • User's account rank (approved submitter or moderator)
  • User's link karma, comment karma, or combined karma
  • User's flair text, or flair CSS class
  • Whether the user has reddit gold
  • Whether the user is shadowbanned

Criteria for submissions only

  • Title
  • Domain
  • Full URL
  • Text of a self-post
  • Author name for embedded media (e.g. allows setting conditions on the YouTube channel, not just the reddit user)
  • Original title for embedded media
  • Original description for embedded media
  • The name of the image macro (currently supports,, and

Criteria for comments only

  • Comment text
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