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Add docstrings for OAuth API endpoints.

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@@ -89,7 +89,26 @@ def _error_response(self, resp):
scope = VOneOf("scope", scope_info.keys()),
state = VRequired("state", errors.NO_TEXT))
def GET_authorize(self, response_type, client, redirect_uri, scope, state):
- """Endpoint for OAuth2 authorization."""
+ """
+ First step in [OAuth 2.0]( authentication.
+ End users will be prompted for their credentials (username/password)
+ and asked if they wish to authorize the application identified by
+ the **client_id** parameter with the permissions specified by the
+ **scope** parameter. They are then redirected to the endpoint on
+ the client application's side specified by **redirect_uri**.
+ If the user granted permission to the application, the response will
+ contain a **code** parameter with a temporary authorization code
+ which can be exchanged for an access token at
+ [/api/v1/access_token](#api_method_access_token).
+ **redirect_uri** must match the URI configured for the client in the
+ [app preferences](/prefs/apps). If **client_id** or **redirect_uri**
+ is not valid, or if the call does not take place over SSL, a 403
+ error will be returned. For all other errors, a redirect to
+ **redirect_uri** will be returned, with a **error** parameter
+ indicating why the request failed.
+ """
self._check_redirect_uri(client, redirect_uri)
@@ -153,6 +172,26 @@ def _get_client_auth(self):
code = VRequired("code", errors.NO_TEXT),
redirect_uri = VUrl("redirect_uri", allow_self=False, lookup=False))
def POST_access_token(self, grant_type, code, redirect_uri):
+ """
+ Exchange an [OAuth 2.0]( authorization code
+ (from [/api/v1/authorize](#api_method_authorize)) for an access token.
+ On success, returns a URL-encoded dictionary containing
+ **access_token**, **token_type**, **expires_in**, and **scope**.
+ If there is a problem, an **error** parameter will be returned
+ instead.
+ Must be called using SSL, and must contain a HTTP `Authorization:`
+ header which contains the application's client identifier as the
+ username and client secret as the password. (The client id and secret
+ are visible on the [app preferences page](/prefs/apps).)
+ Per the OAuth specification, **grant_type** must
+ be ``authorization_code`` and **redirect_uri** must exactly match the
+ value that was used in the call to
+ [/api/v1/authorize](#api_method_authorize).
+ """
resp = {}
if not c.errors:
auth_token = OAuth2AuthorizationCode.use_token(code, c.oauth2_client._id, redirect_uri)

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