An infection real-time strategy game from the point of view of the zombies.
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Change THEM is a game where the player infects a few choice civilians in an attempt to infect the whole population. That'd be easy if it weren't for the soldiers going around and killing the infected. Defeat the soldiers by overwhelming them with numbers or by strategically sacrificing some of your infected. Can you infect all four levels?


W, A, S, D or arrow keys to move the camera.

Mouse Wheel to zoom the camera in and out.

Left click to infect civilians and sacrifice zombies.


Title Screen

alt text

Starting Infection

alt text

Infection Underway

alt text


alt text



Each level has a certain number of infections to start with. These infections can only be used before hitting start. Use them wisely. To infect a civilian in the setup phase, just click on it. The infection can be removed by click on it again. Soldiers can not be directly infected. You can gain more infections during play by sacrificing a certain number of zombies.


Sacrificing a certain number of zombies allows for the ability to infect any civilian after the setup phase. To sacrifice a zombie, just click on it. Once an infection is ready, just click on the desired target. Soldiers cannot be infected in this way.


Civilians huddle around soldiers and each other and will flee any zombie they see. The can become infected by contact with a zombie or directly infected by use of an infection.


Soldiers are colored olive green. They have the capability to destroy any zombies they see, though they will not fire through civilians. They will shoot on sight and often chase down groups of zombies. The can only be infected through direct contact with a zombie. They are not to be underestimated.


Developer / designer / author of Change THEM

Hylinn Taggart


Using free versions of Unity3D