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  • These scripts were written and tested on Ubuntu 12.10 where bash is located at /bin/bash. You may need to create a symlink or edit these script accordingly.

  • Please backup your database first. Something like this should do it.

    mysqldump --opt -u root -p newznab > ~/newznab_backup.sql

  • This first step will modify your setup using andrewit's github, if you want. If you do not convert, then use then use myisam when editing.

  • convert database to innodb, edit path if necessary

    cd /var/www/newznab/misc/testing/

    git clone git:// innodb

    php5 innodb/lib/innodb/convertToInnoDB.php

  • Clone my github

    cd /var/www/newznab/misc/update_scripts/nix_scripts/

    git clone tmux

    cd tmux


  • Edit some permissions, run as root.


  • Run my script, as user.


  • If you connect using putty, then under Window/Translation set Remote character set to UTF-8.

  • If something looks stalled, it probably isn't. If all 7 panes are still there, it is most likely, as it should be.

  • update_cleanup needs to be uncommented to actually do something, and update_parsing is good for fixing a few releases everytime it runs, not a silver bullet though

  • You have two choices for monitoring activity. Mytop monitors the sctivity of you mysql database and bwm-ng monitors your current traffic. Theses are selected in the file. Only one can be selected at a time.

  • If you are running this on an OVH or kimsufi server, you may need to run sudo ./ because they built grsecurity into the kernel.

  • Now all panes should be running smoothly. If any of the scriptns in the top 3 panes crash, the panes should remain open and you should be able to view the error messages. I hope this helps.

* Donations help to pay my hosting fees and server costs. Thank you

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