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Install scripts to deploy Arch Linux ARM to PinePhone
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Arch Linux for PinePhone

Installation scripts to deploy Arch Linux ARM to PinePhone.

Arch Linux uses a manual installation process via a command line. Combined with installing on a smartphone this can become a demanding task. The aim of this repository is to provide guidance and automation. You can more easily prepare a usable PinePhone OS while still being able to customize it to the maximum.


You'll find several shell scripts that should be executed in a given sequence. Some are mandatory, some are purely optional. Pick and choose what you want to build!

Script Name Mandatory? Description Recommended Checks that your build environment meets all the requirements: necessary tools, permissions etc. Yes Downloads all the required components: rootfs, kernel, bootloader. Yes, once Prepares a partition table on your SD Card and formats it. Yes, once Populates the SD Card's root partition with the root filesystem. Yes Populates the SD Card's boot partition with a bootloader and a kernel. Recommended Configures a USB network interface on both the SD Card and the host system.
11-passwordless_ssh Recommended Installs your SSH public key as an authorized key for passwordless SSH login.
... ... ... Optional Removes previously downloaded files and does a cleanup after any failures.

Current Status

All of the above scripts are implemented apart from:

  • 11-passwordless_ssh


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