This is an experimental .NET SDK for the Imgur API
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This is an .NET SDK for the Imgur API

This is an Beta and is currently working

Appveyor CI:

Build status

#Setting up

you first need to get your api key and secret for this work and to initialise it:

ApiRoot.Instance.Init("XXXXXXXX", "XXXXXX");

Here is example of how the api works with the GetEndPointEntityAsync method:

                                     new Data_to_get()
                                         //Data parameters

Here is an example for how you can make a call:

        var result = await ApiRoot.Instance.GetEndPointEntityAsync<RootElement<GalleryImage>>(
            new GetGalleryImage	()
                page = 0,
                section =,  <-- this could be improved
                showViral = true,
                sort =,
                window =,

Here is another example of how to do a Get Random Gallery Image

                                     new GetRandomGalleryImages()
                                         page = pageNumber

This API Sdk is used in my personal windows phone imgur app 8gur which can be found here:

Author: Damien Delaire

if you wish to help be my guest!