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Commands to change or print working directory
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kakoune commands to change or print the working directory.


Add cd.kak to your autoload dir: ~/.config/kak/autoload/.

Or via plug.kak:

plug 'delapouite/kakoune-cd' %{
  # Suggested mapping
  map global user c ': enter-user-mode cd<ret>' -docstring 'cd'
  # Suggested aliases
  alias global cdb change-directory-current-buffer
  alias global cdr change-directory-project-root
  alias global ecd edit-current-buffer-directory
  alias global pwd print-working-directory


This file provides 4 commands:

  • change-directory-current-buffer: cd to current buffer dir
  • change-directory-project-root: cd to root dir (location of.git dir in parent dirs)
  • edit-current-buffer-directory: open an edit prompt in the current buffer directory
  • print-working-directory: echo $PWD

A cd mode is also available with a few predefined locations. Feel free to map your own bookmarks on it.

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