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Select the visible part of a buffer
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kakoune command to select the visible part of a buffer.


Add select-view.kak to your autoload dir: ~/.config/kak/autoload/.

Or via plug.kak:

plug 'delapouite/kakoune-select-view' %{
  # Suggested mappings
  map global normal <a-%> ': select-view<ret>' -docstring 'select view'
  map global view s '<esc>: select-view<ret>' -docstring 'select view'


Sometimes you need to edit multiple occurrences of text that seat right under your nose but are distributed in such a way that they are impossible to quickly select using classic text objects.

Also, you can't rely on the % primitive (select whole buffer), because it would expand your focus of action too far away and include portions of the buffer you don't want to change.

As its name implies, the select-view command answers this problematic by only selecting the visible part of the buffer.

It takes care of the scrolloff value which means it may scroll the buffer slightly.

See also



Thanks a lot to alex for the original implementation on IRC

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