The Delcampe API allows you to communicate easily with the services using SOAP.
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Welcome !

The Delcampe API allows you to communicate easily with the services. It allows you to start sales, close them, be informed when items are sold, etc.

This site is aimed for developers. If you are a collectible company and are searching information over the API, please contact

You will find here all needed information to begin with Delcampe's new API based on SOAP (easy to use with PHP, Java, Ruby, .net, Python, Perl, etc.).


Before you continue to read this documentation, please note that this Soap API is not supported anymore. It's still works, and we still provide help with current users but futur development won't be available for this API.

If you're currently developing a new application that will use our remote services, I strongly suggest you use the REST version. You can find the documentation at this page:

Delcampe's API, what for ?

With Delcampe's API, you could perform the following actions :

  • put an item on sale (auction or fixed price)
  • have a list of all your items on sale
  • modify an item (data and images)
  • close an item
  • manage your notifications settings
  • get Delcampe's category list
  • etc.

Use this Wiki to find :

  • Documentation to set up your own API client.
  • Documentation to set up your application using our API client.
  • Few samples.

As the API is based on SOAP, you basically need this information:

To help you, we propose for each API function code samples in PHP. We'll try to add also other language helpers in the future: Java, Ruby, .net, Python, Perl, ...


Feedback and contact