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Personal R package. No particular theme to the content.
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This is my personal R package. The primary purpose of this package is to be a transportable collection of code that I often use. As such, it may change without much warning and break your code. Generally, it doesn't because this would break my code too! :) When it does, I usually leave a placeholder function behind so that one knows what the new function name is.

There are functions for areas including:

  • df_: Common operations on data.frames, including merging data.frames with overlapping data, standardizing, adding missing data, residualizing and class conversion. Examples.
  • MOD_: Convenience Functions for statistical modeling such as best subset and penalized (LASSO) regression.
  • SAC_: Spatial statistics, including new methods for measuring and controlling for autocorrelation.
  • MAT_: Elementary matrix operations such as getting a half and restoring a symmetrical matrix from a half.
  • fa_: Factor analysis, including new methods for checking for method variance, finding odd cases, using Jensen's method and plotting loadings.
  • GG_: Convenience functions for plotting with ggplot2. Examples.
  • pu_: Functions that deals with names of political units by converting to and from standardized abbreviations. Examples.
  • Various other functions that I often use.

It's probably that when some of these collections get large enough, they will be moved to their own packages.

Installing from scratch

for whatever reason, it is sometimes hard to get it to install the dependencies automatically so here's a small call to manually install them. This installs all dependencies, including those rarely used.

if (require("pacman")) install.packages("pacman")

#CRAN packages
p_load(grid, ggplot2, scales, stringr, purrr, assertthat, readr, xml2, plyr, dplyr, tidyr, psych, gtools, robustbase, MASS, forcats, polycor, weights, devtools, VIM, lsr,, magrittr, tibble, psychometric, Hmisc, stringdist, glmnet, metafor, binom, GPArotation)

#github packages
purrr::map(c("thomasp85/curry", "rOpenGov/dkstat"), ~devtools::install_github(.))

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