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Koala is a billing system for openstack driven by ceilometer event.

Koala only interacts with ceilometer by Rest API. Once Ceilometer receive a notification from message bus, it will send the event converted from notification to Koala. With the event, koala caculates the consumption and generates the billing records.

Koala is designed as distribute system with following characteristics.

  • High-resolution timing as second level precision
  • Supports to multi-regions
  • High efficient driven by events
  • Decoupling from openstack
  • Distribute with stateless service

#Architecture ##koala-api The koala-api provide rest APIs for ceilometer and users, the event API is used to recieve events from ceilometer and the others are designed to privde for query billing records.


Koala provides several kinds api for billing and rating.


Price APIs enable to manage the price of resource, you can create, update or delete the price. /v1/prices

    "description": null,
    "id": 2,
    "name": "ram",
    "region": "bj",
    "resource_type": "ram",
    "unit_price": 0.0001


Resource APIs enbale user to get the consumption information of the resource. /v1/resources

    "consumption": 1382.5777777777776,
    "created_at": "2015-09-25T07:54:38.235522",
    "deleted": 1,
    "deleted_at": "2015-09-25T07:55:34.465942",
    "description": "Resource has been deleted",
    "region": "bj",
    "resource_id": "ca9ef7fe-889d-462e-91e4-f05a60abc739",
    "resource_name": "lg",
    "resource_type": "volume",
    "status": "delete",
    "tenant_id": "33294fe9cd6c4150b43b38cd92ea17c5",
    "updated_at": null


Record API enable user to get the billing records of a resource. /v1/records/{resource_id}

        "consumption": 0.0022200000000000002,
        "description": "Resource has been deleted",
        "end_at": "2015-09-25T08:01:48.629053",
        "resource_id": "723566f3-db38-4e37-bdc7-fb0d33856468",
        "start_at": "2015-09-25T08:01:39.504316",
        "unit_price": 0.88800000000000001


Event API is used for ceilometer notification recieve event messages and generates the billing records.

    "region": "bj",
    "resource_id": "ca9ef7fe-889d-462e-91e4-f05a60abc739",
    "resource_name": "lg",
    "resource_type": "volume",
    "tenant_id": "33294fe9cd6c4150b43b38cd92ea17c5",
    "event_type": "create",
    "event_time": "2015-09-25T07:54:38.235522"
    "content": {"size": 100}

Development & Test & Install


Any contributions will be appreciate.


To run the test, you only to run the tox as following.

    [root@controller koala]# tox -epy26
    Ran 125 tests in 2.531s (+0.100s)
    Slowest Tests
    Test id                                                                                                Runtime (s)
    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  -----------
    koala.tests.api.test_base.TestBase.test_bad_uri                                                        0.126
    koala.tests.api.test_base.TestBase.test_api_setup                                                      0.118
    koala.tests.api.test_event_volume_snapshot.TestVolumeSnapshotEvent.test_exists_delete_event_success    0.080
    koala.tests.api.test_event_instance.TestInstanceEvent.test_exists_resize_delete_event_success          0.079
    koala.tests.api.test_event_instance.TestInstanceEvent.test_create_power_off_power_on_event_success     0.079
    koala.tests.api.test_event_instance.TestInstanceEvent.test_power_off_resize_vcpu_delete_event_success  0.076
    koala.tests.api.test_event_instance.TestInstanceEvent.test_create_power_off_delete_event_success       0.074
    koala.tests.api.test_event_instance.TestInstanceEvent.test_create_exists_delete_with_missing_resize    0.074
    koala.tests.api.test_event_instance.TestInstanceEvent.test_power_off_resize_disk_delete_event_success  0.072
    koala.tests.api.test_event_instance.TestInstanceEvent.test_create_exists_delete_event_success          0.071
    py26 runtests: commands[2] | flake8
    __________________________________________ summary ___________________________________________
    py26: commands succeeded
    congratulations :)


You can install koala from python source or RPM. To install from python source, just run

    [root@controller koala]# python install

To install from RPM, you need to build the RPM first with following scripts.

    PBR_VERSION=$(grep Version: /root/koala/contrib/koala.spec | awk '{print $2}') 
    cd /root/koala 
    python sdist 
    rm -rf /root/rpmbuild/{BUILD,BUILDROOT,RPMS,SOURCES,SPECS,SRPMS}/* 
    cp dist/koala-${PBR_VERSION}.tar.gz /root/rpmbuild/SOURCES 
    cp -R /root/koala/contrib/. /root/rpmbuild/SOURCES 
    cp /root/koala/contrib/koala.spec /root/rpmbuild/SPECS/ 
    cp /root/koala/etc/koala/koala.conf.sample  /root/rpmbuild/SOURCES
    rpmbuild -bs /root/rpmbuild/SPECS/koala.spec 
    yum-builddep /root/rpmbuild/SRPMS/koala-*.src.rpm 
    rpmbuild -bb /root/rpmbuild/SPECS/koala.spec

Then you can install the RPM in /root/rpmbuild/RPMS/noarch/