PanoplyCMS is Open Source CMS based on Meteor Framework.
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PanoplyCMS 2.0

Installation Method

  • Pull PanoplyCMS from GitHub Repository on your system OR you can download zip and extract it on your machine.

  • Go to folder location through terminal or command prompt

  • First run: meteor npm install than run: meteor --settings settings.json . Please wait for server to get start. It will automatically install all dependencies and will start running.

  • Once it start running, go to your browser and type: http://localhost:3000

  • Thats it! You have installed PanoplyCMS on your system successfully.

  • Frontend Link: http://localhost:3000

  • Backend Link: http://localhost:3000/admin

  • Initial Login Credentials of Backend :-
    Password: Pass@123

Now go and create some categories, then articles and finally some menus. Look at the changes at your frontend.



  • Single Admin
  • Multiple Categories
  • Articles Associated With Created Categories
  • Multiple & Multilevel Menus
  • Tags associated with articles
  • Dynamic Template
  • Menu Module that can load at any given position
  • HTML Blocks that can load at any given position
  • Slider Module that can load at any given position