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Delphi Package Manager RFC
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The Delphi Package Manager RFC

This repo is a Request for Comments for a Delphi (and perhaps C++ Builder) Package/Library Manager Project.

More information about this project can be found on this blog post.


Managing Third Party Libraries in Delphi is not fun, and there is no real standard. Getting builds working on CI Servers is often difficult. Other development environments (like Ruby, .net and Javascript) have already (largely) solved these issues, with package management. We can learn from the work they have done, and provide Delphi developers with a standard way to work with third party code.

Current Status

Early days. I started working on a package manager project back in 2013, but shelved it when GetIt was announced. I'm now resurrecting that project (GetIt has not delivered), and will publish what I have done once I have something working (currently working on generating packages).

Help Wanted!

This is too big a project for 1 person to handle, and I'm pretty sure I haven't thought of every issue.

Feel free to add issues with ideas, suggestions, or just comment on existing issues. Please keep the discussion civil, and on topic.

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