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Delphi add-in and companion macOS app
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Delphi add-in and companion macOS app

Please find binaries in the Releases folder. The long term plan is to release the source into this repository.

Brief instructions


Delphi Expert (Mosco260.dll):

As there is yet to be an installer, the expert will need to be added manually. To do this, run regedit, navigate to:


..and add a string value named Mosco, which has a value pointing to where you have placed Mosco260.dll

macOS App (

Unzip from somewhere onto your Mac (e.g. in /Applications)

The app is yet to be notarized, so if you're running Catalina, it may be prevented from running.

Using Mosco

macOS App

The macOS app runs as an "accessory", which means an icon (of the Kremlin) will appear in the status area of the menu bar

Click the icon to drop down the menu

Click the Options menu item to set the desired port

Click the Start/Stop menu item to start and stop Mosco

Click View Log to see diagnostic messages

Click PAServers.. to configure PAServer instances that can be started/stopped from the dialog. At present, only the port is configurable.

Delphi Expert

The expert adds items to the Project Manager context menu i.e. the one that appears when you right-click a project in the Project Manager

Click Mosco Options to configure the address/port for the macOS app, and for error logging

The following functions will work only when the Mosco macOS app is running, e.g:

Add SDK Frameworks - brings up a dialog that allows you to add available frameworks to the selected SDK. Show Deployed App - brings up the deployed app (if it has been deployed) in Finder on the Mac.

The following functions will work whether or not the Mosco macOS app is running:

Select Profile - instant switching of connection profiles Select SDK - instant switching of SDKs

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