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The following repositories are available for customer access and download. Inquiries can be made to support@delphiansystems.com

This WIKI is arranged by document type. To access a document, click on the RAW button to download.

Click below to access Product Briefs:

Product Briefs

Click below to access Datasheets:


  1. Module Datasheets
  2. Bridge Datasheets

Click below to access Application Notes:

Application Notes

  1. Nordic Dev Kit to SRU23x Module Migration Guide
  2. [Flashing and Debug User Guide] (https://github.com/DelphianSystems/SecuRemote_Smart/blob/master/Wiki_AppNotes/SR_BLEANT_FlashingAndDebuggingUserGuide_APN003.pdf)
  3. [Range Testing App Note] (https://github.com/DelphianSystems/SecuRemote_Smart/blob/master/Wiki_AppNotes/SR_BLEANT_RangeTestGuide_APN001.pdf)
  4. [Firmware Update Utility Guide] (https://github.com/DelphianSystems/SecuRemote_Smart/blob/master/Wiki_AppNotes/SR_BLEANT_FirmwareUpgradeUtilityGuide_APN011.pdf)
  5. [Over-the-Air Digital Field Update Guide] (https://github.com/DelphianSystems/SecuRemote_Smart/blob/master/Wiki_AppNotes/SR_BLEANT_%20OTA-DFU_Guide_APN006.pdf)

Click below to access User Guides:

User Guides

  1. Wireless Module Developer Kit
  2. SecuRemote Sensor Demonstration Kit

Click below to access to the Flash Restore files for the Wireless Module Dev Kit:



Access "How To" Videos below:

How To Videos