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A community tool to make Ethereum-based decentralized exchanges a little easier.

  • View all your ERC20 token balances in one place (including deposited balances)
  • Retrieve and export a history of all your DEX trades.
  • Look at the details of your transactions with decentralized exchanges.

DeltaBalances runs fully client side, powered by Etherscan and Infura.

Smart contract

Want to check a lot of token balances in your Dapp? Try the DeltaBalances smart contract

Batch hundreds of tokens into a single web3 request:

  • Get the token balance for multiple tokens
  • Get the deposited exchange balance for multiple tokens
  • Get the token allowance for multiple tokens

Contract iterations:
V5, V4, V3, V2, V1

Exchange support

Supported Decentralized exchanges for each website feature.

Exchange Deposited Tokens Recent Tx Tx Info Trade History
0x Instant (0x v2) - Yes Yes No
0x Protocol v1 - Yes Yes Yes
0x Protocol v2(.1) - Yes Yes Yes
AirSwap - Yes Yes Yes
Bancor - Yes Yes No
DDEX hydro 1.0 - Yes Yes Not yet
DDEX hydro 1.1 - Yes Yes Yes
Decentrex † Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dexy † Yes No No No
EasyTrade - Yes Yes Yes
Enclaves Dex Yes Yes Yes Yes
Etfinex trustless v1 (v2*) - Yes Yes Yes
Eth2Dai - Yes Yes Yes
ETHEN No Yes Yes Yes
EtherC Yes Yes Yes Yes
EtherDelta Yes Yes Yes Yes
ETHEX - Yes Yes Yes
ForkDelta Yes Yes Yes Yes
IDEX Yes Yes Yes No
Joyso Yes Not yet Not yet No
Kyber Network - Yes Yes Yes
OasisDex OasisCommunity - Yes Yes Yes
OasisDirect - Yes Yes No
SingularX Yes Yes Yes Yes
SwitchDex Yes Yes Yes Not yet
Switcheo Yes Partial (WIP) Partial (WIP) Not yet
Token Store Yes Yes Yes Yes
Token store Instant-trade - Yes Yes No
Uniswap - Yes Yes Not yet

(† = Exchange is no longer active)
* Ethfinex v2 uses 0x v2

Requirements for support

Exchange contract features required per page.

  • Token Balances: Needs a contract with a public balance function with 1 or 2 parameters, like balanceOf(.. , ..).
  • Recent transactions: Parses function input for transactions, needs published smart contract code.
  • Trade history: Parses trade events for transactions, needs published smart contract code.
  • Transaction info: Parses function input and emitted events for 1 transaction, needs published smart contract code.
0x Protocol Relayers

Multiple exchanges that all use the same 0x Protocol smart contract (V1 or V2). Popular relayers will be displayed by name, others will show up as unknown 0x.

Some of the many named relayers:
Radar Relay, DDEX (v1, 2018), Paradex, Ethfinex trustless v2, OpenRelay, Tokenlon
See config/addresses.js for the full list of named relayers.

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